Paper Cuts

Artist Statement:

My work functions as an exploration of mark making and color, developing out of a system that I create. I use this idea as a trigger for more intuitive, meditative mark making. The process of creating each piece is an integral part of the final product for me. It is important to me that these systems allow me to have control over the mark making but that they also introduce a sense of chance in the final composition.

Through my process, I aim for achieving a sense of both mental and physical history in my finished works. Thus, the pieces function as a landscape of my own subconscious as well as a miniature world that exists in the wake of an exploration of my hand on a blank page.

I hope the viewer feels the combination of exploring a map of the unknown and also one of familiarity. The irregularity of the larger shape, as well as its smaller parts, is quite the opposite of the attempted structure our minds are constantly attempting to keep in the day to day. Thus, these pieces hopefully become a small escape from the world, a meditation, which can be related to and shared between each of us.